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Does the Library provide fax services?

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Macon: Faxing for students on the Macon campus is provided through the Bookstore on campus which is located on the lower level of the Student Life Center .

Cochran: Faxing for students on the Cochran campus is done through the Post Office on campus, which is located on the lower level of Georgia Hall (same building as the bookstore and cafeteria). The library can fax for students when the post office is closed.

Dublin: The Library does not charge a fee for faxing, but the fax must be school-related. No fax services are available for community patrons.

Eastman: Although faxing is unavailable in the library, faxing is available on the Eastman campus.  Please visit Mrs. Andrea Yawn or Mrs. Christy Faulk in the main administrative offices on the Eastman campus for assistance.  The fax number is 478-374-6809.

Warner Robins: Since the Warner Robins library in Oak Hall does not offer that service, the Campus Store on the Warner Robins campus has a fax machine for student use.  Another option is to use the Nola Brantley public library at the edge of campus, as faxing is available through the public library.