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How do I find a book or article my professor put on reserve for my course?

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Course reserves are additional materials put on reserve by the faculty. Reserve items may be physical (print/film) or electronic.

Ask for physical or print/film items at your campus Library's Circulation Desk. The check-out period for physical reserves varies at the request of the instructor. Course textbooks may be on reserve at the discretion of the instructor. The Library does not purchase textbooks to put on reserve. Students not returning items within the allotted time will incur a $1.00 per day fine.

Electronic reserves are available 24/7 and you will never be charged a late fee. You can search for reserve items in the Library's online catalog, Gil Find. Click on the purple "Course Reserves" tab to search for specific items. In order to access these reserves you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader( as well as the password supplied by your instructor. The Library does not have these passwords. If you have trouble viewing the electronic files, you may want to try Internet Explorer. We have found that problems may occur when trying to view electronic reserves with other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.